FBS Fundation


The location of the FBS Foundation is in the vicinity of the Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia, province of Castilla y León, Spain.

In Plaza de España Nr. 3

The showplace and storage area for the the FBS Foundation will be installed on a building on the Plaza de España, num.3, which forms part of the original constructions of La Granja, as we have been able to verify in the plans that form part of the collection. It is a building that formed part of a group of united buildings, inside which, on demolition, eighteenth-century brick walls intersected by their corresponding wooden structure were found, as well as niches that connected spaces or openings that have been solidified with rock and mortar.

The successive interventions that this house has undergone have deformed and concealed a large part of its original structure, but another part has also been preserved, which has now been uncovered by carrying out “archaeological” work during the demolition. We are going to preserve the part that is in better condition and more genuine, thus maintaining the vestige of the construction system of the whole.

We intend to establish a coherent criterion for a holistic operation, since the final space is destined to contain the photographic memory, as well as all the elements that have made it possible, such as bibliographic and scientific elements, and fundamentally, the stereoscopic photographic memory as the antecedent of all the current development that is leading us to Metaverses and AI.

This criterion is also applied in rehabilitation, focused on sustainability both in the design-construction processes and in the results to be obtained, for which we have consulted Passive House technology. We have found it to be extraordinary, insofar as it can be applied in refurbishment to obtain stable conditions inside the showplace and storage area, because, as well as practicing care for the planet, we will be providing a stable environment for all the collections that are going to be stored inside it.



The Result