German part of the FBS Collection

Project leader and lecturer:
Dr. Carmen Pérez González
in collaboration with:
Prof. Dr. Volker Remmert
Professor in History of Science and Technology, and Director of the IZWT (Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Science and Technology) at the University of Wuppertal.  

This is a 5-year collaborative project between the IZWT and the FBS Foundation: 2024 – 2029.

Preliminary work

In October 2022 a pilot course to study the German portion of the FBS collection was started in collaboration with the owners of the collection, Yolanda and Juanjo: Stereoskopische Fotografie im Wandel: Deutsche Pioniere in der FBS Sammlung. In the first half of 2023 the course was offered again. In the course, a selection of German objects from the FBS Collection were presented, and the students had to choose one and investigate it in a holistic way with the support of Carmen, Yolanda and Juanjo. At the end of both courses, a day was organised in which the students presented, in the form of a Power Point and for 15 to 20 minutes, the result of their research on the object or group of objects chosen for their research project. The first day was held on 3 February 2023, and the second on 10 July 2023. Yolanda and Juanjo attended both days.

We dedicated the fall-winter 2023-24 and spring-summer 2024 semesters to producing a comprehensive inventory of the pieces and  photographic objects selected for this project. The students who have been involved in the elaboration of the inventory are: Philipp Roling, Thea Schneider, Jonathan Karkutsch, Sophie Hauser, Jako Siegfried Plaß, Dilara Tanriverdi, Ilayda Selen Örücü, and Lea Weustenfeld.

First group of students of the project February 3, 2023
@ Philipp Roling

Philipp Roling, July 10, 2023
@ Carmen Pérez González

Yolanda and Juanjo enjoying a box with stereoscopic photographs of Albania that Philipp Rolling gave them (his own photographic work)
@ Carmen Pérez González

Excursion to the Folkwang Museum (Essen), to see the Kaiserpanorama (exhibition: Ferne Länder, Ferne Zeiten), 15.06.2024
@ Carmen Pérez González

The research projects presented in these first two semesters are:

Autumn-Winter Semester 2022-23:
  • Niklas Forstreuter, Auf stereoskopischer Spurensuche: Paris 1937.
  • Torben Klebert, Reichpartei der Ehre, 1936.
  • Philipp Roling, Deutschland in Raumbild. 100 Raumbilder mit einem Betrachter.
  • Lukas Schievelbusch, Stereomix.
  • Kai Selbach, Raumbild Verlag: Die Olympische Spiele, 1936-195
  • Magnus Sklomeit, Der erste Großdeutsche Kriegertag.
  • Niklas Tönnies, Die (Luftbild) – Stereofotogrammetrie. Stereokarten zur Anwendung bei Messmethode
Spring and Summer Semester– 2023:
  • Philipp Roling, Deutschland in Raumbild – Nachstellung von 100 Raumbildern
  • Thea Schneider, Entideologisiertes Recycling? Wie der Raumbild-Verlag Fotografien aus frühen Büchern für spätere Werke wiederverwendet.
  • Helene Hecker, Werden und Behauptung einer deutschen Stadt.
  • Barbara Große, Die Photoskulptur des Engelbert-Maria Herzog von Arenberg von Willy A. C. Selke
  • Torben Klebert, Kriegsdiorama 1914/1916
  • Jonathan Karkutsch, Serie E
  • Niklas Forstreuter, Auf Spurensuche – Teil 2. Stereoskopie & Zeppeline
  • Kai Selbach, (Zeiss-)Aerotopograph und deren Stereoskopien
  • Niklas Tönnies, Der Stereokomparator. Carl Pulfrich – Pionier der Stereofotogrammetrie
  • Kerlin Buchholtz, Akt und Stereoskopie – die verbotenen Fotos.

Magnus Sklomeit was the first student to write his bachelor‘s thesis about material kept at the FBS Collection

The main objective of this collaborative project between the two institutions is the creation of scholarships for students from the University of Wuppertal to carry out final-year or doctoral work on the German portion of the collection.