FBS Foundation

Mission, Goals and Background


The challenge we have set ourselves is to work within our own collection to obtain results on the traceability related to the development of photographic techniques in their application in different scientific and artistic disciplines; both in the evolution prior to the emergence of photography, in the 19th century, and in its evolution, up to the present day. Also exploring technological advances and the possibilities they offer us in the treatment of 3D, augmented reality (AR), the metaverse and everything that is within the ethics of the treatment of images for social, scientific, and artistic purposes, among others.

Goals: Historical Memory




Study and Research







Santiago Sáenz de Samaniego published an article about the collection in Berceo magazine in 2011. At that time, KLUMPCOL Collection, and since 2015, we actively participate as collaborators, lenders and advisors in exhibitions, meetings, congresses and educational actions related to the history of stereoscopy.

International Conference

Space and time in a collection that concerns, fundamentally, stereoscopic photography

Speaker: Dr. Carmen Pérez González

Congress: “Bordeaux: The Capital of Stereoscopy” – Premières rencontres internationales de la photographie stéréoscopique

Organisation: CLEM Patrimoine, Burdeos.

Date: 11 May 2023

Presentation of the FBS Collection and the FBS Foundation, dedicated to promoting the study of the history of photography from a scientific and interdisciplinary point of view. Evolution of the collection by periods between 1978 and 2023. Elements and subcategories within the collection. New activities and applications of the collection in different disciplines.