A dimensão imersiva

Jorge Marçal da Silva

Exposición de fotografía estereoscópica

18 Apr – 31 Aug. 2023


Morada: Rua da Palma nº 246
1100-394 LISBOA

(Perto da Praça do Martim Moniz,
mesmo na Baixa de Lisboa)

Yolanda Fernández – Barredo Sevilla
photograph by Víctor Flores
Lisboa 2023
Jorge Marçal da Silva – A dimensão imersiva”

Jorge Marçal da Silva (1878-1929), surgeon and amateur photographer, took his first photograph on 12 August 1906 and this exhibition highlights his photographic output in the area of stereoscopy.

The exhibition highlights his photographic production in terms of stereoscopy, allowing the visualisation of these images through historical and contemporary devices, including the presentation of period evidence, record books of his photographs and other personal objects.

The project is curated by Sofia Castro and Vitor Gens of the Municipal Archive of Lisbon | Fotográfico.