Trip to Paris

5 and 6 December 2023

The director of the FBS Foundation, Carmen Pérez González, travelled to Paris to attend the Chopin and Wissmer in immersion programme, a unique immersive experience around art, music and the metaverse, under the artistic direction of Mark Blezinger on the occasion of the launch of the Institut des Transformations Numériques (ITN). The concert is part of the 8th edition of the Musique aux Mines festival. The solo pianist, Yuki Kinouchi, has been awarded the Artist Diploma 2023 of the École normale de musique de Paris.

Carmen also had the pleasure of visiting the Alioscopy Showroom, and Mark Blezinger’s atelier to see his extraordinary work, especially his lenticular photographs.

Thank you, Mark Blezinger, and Pierre Allio, Gilles Marcellier y Flavien Maingreaud from Alioscopy!

Nella Cattedrale, 2008
Format 106 x 76cm avec backlight LED variable, cadre bois poli biseauté 128 x 98 cm
Photography by Mark Blezinger

Sound of Serifos, 2011
Format 110 x 80cm avec backlight LED variable, cadre bois poli biseauté, 130 x 100 cm
Photography by Mark Blezinger